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- William Faulkner

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i vant to give my blood

There are certain things I feel a person should do to improve the quality of life for his fellow man (or man’s best friend). I love to vote, I’m an organ donor (I’m pretty sure) and I love sending Alan at CARA his $20 check every month. Not to mention the two monsters we adopted and had spayed/neutered at the request of Bob Barker. Kell and my dad have always given blood regularly, as Kelley evidently does (see right), and after little convincing from Kell yesterday, I decided I would do the same.

We had planned to go after work, and I was really excited. I felt as though this would be one of those things that I could do to really be of worthy assistance to the 97% of people who will need blood at some point in their lives. I was a little afraid I would pass out, and Kell said he would laugh and pick me up. As I waited for my turn at the needle, I saw people eating their cookies and drinking their orange juice, and I was really feeling good. I was going to join the few, the proud – the blood donors.

When my name was called, I entered the little room where the nurse took my name, social security number, etc. while I read the list of questions asked of fellow donors. None struck me as being a big hurdle, so I waited and had my finger stuck to test my hemoglobin. It hurt. I remembered why I hated getting physicals as a child. But, taking one for the team, I persevered. Evidently, a donor must have an iron level of 12.5 to donate. Well, mine was 11.9. Bummer. The nurse asked me if I’d like to be stuck again, and I agreed. 11.4. Great. I’d been rejected by Mississippi Blood Services.

Just then, I heard Kell’s loud laugh. I couldn’t imagine that he’d enjoyed the blood test enough to be jubilant, and the nurse then told me that his iron level was too low, too. We were now 0 for 2. And, since I was so let down about getting the no-go and other things that day, Kell took me to Little Tokyo even though it's expensive and he hates it.

I have a history of low iron, but I’m not giving up. Though my fingers hurt as I am typing this, I will try again.

That story really was a lot of rising action for little climax. Sorry. I just wanted to share, and I’m not the storyteller that Heather is. Even though I am a better speller.


LT (and Max) said...

1. i've never given blood. i'm ashamed but terrified to do it. maybe one day.
2. heather IS a great story teller
3. you are most definitely a better speller.

Mary-Kathryn said...

i am on the mississippi blood services advisory council in Oxford, and i too don't have enough iron to give, plus that whole TB thing-- they don't really want my blood...don't feel too bad, at least your tried.

The Texas VicHorns said...

i liked your story. hopefully one day you will join the few and the proud like kelley.

i think the real reason you want to give blood is for the free t-shirt...

this will make you feel better:

Trey and Heather said...

once my senior year in high school our math teacher told us she would give extra points if we gave blood (from the mobile thingie that came to SA). Well, I can't do math and am willing to do anything for a few extra points, so I agreed even though I knew of my history of passing out.

After I gave blood I went back to class iwth my cookie and juice in hand. Before I knew what happened I passed out in front of Coach Butler in class. When I came back to life (in mrs. valentines office, no less) I found out that Brad Fuller and Shane Ingram had eaten my cookies and drank my juice.

It was a lose-lose situation.

This comment ended up being a post.
my bad.

Ken and Lacey said...

i heard on the radio that there is a severe shortage of o neg. blood. well, that's what blood type i have, so i made an appt. to go give one day after work. i got there and my iron was too low too!!! i've never had that happen!

Princess Haley said...

I want to sell my plasma for money. I hear you can get like $200 for it. However, I don't want the plasma nurses to think I'm either selfish for not donating it or a drunk.

claire said...

I've always veen too anemic to give blood, too. It is such a let down. Keep trying--eat a lot of steak.

JWhite said...

Mary Straton -

Hey! I found your blog recently and love reading it. Here's some advice on blood donation: eat a hamburger a few hours before you donate. I have low iron but that has worked several times for me!
Jennifer (Maxwell) White

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