"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

word up

Yaya says you can only answer with one word…

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair? wild
4. Your mother? Queen
5. Your father? genuine
6. Your favorite thing? snacks
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your dream/goal? comfort
9. The room you're in? cubicle
10. Your hobby? shopping
11. Your fear? mistakes
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? house
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? tall
15. One of your wish list items? house
16. Where you grew up? Starkville
17. The last thing you did? snack
18. What are you wearing? dress
19. Your TV? on
20.Your pet? twins
21. Your computer? slow
22. Your mood? disappointed
23. Missing someone? yes
24. Your car? honda
25. Something you're not wearing? lipstick
26. Favorite store? anthropologie
27. Love someone? Kell
28. Your favorite color/shade? green
29. Last thing you ate? popcorn
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday

* Editor's Note: My hobby is not jogging, and I haven't set foot in a classroom since college.

It's been a while since I submitted a Delicious Dish. Harris just brought this one back to my attention - sure would be great for a Labor Day munchie!

Mississippi Caviar

1 can field peas w/ snaps
1 can shoepeg corn
1 can rotel tomatoes
1 can small green beans
Small bottle of Italian dressing
1 bell pepper, chopped
7 green onions, diced

Chop snaps and green beans. Drain each item and mix together. Delicious with Fritos or tortilla scoops.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On this day many moons ago, my dear friend Claire was born. We practically grew up together from the moment she moved to Starkville and began her first days in Mrs. Sassafras's class. We've spent so much time together over the years that it's hard to recall a hilarious memory of which she was not a part. Here are a few...

Claire A to Z

A Time to Kill banner
Beach trips
Colors of the Wind
European summer
Fishing worms
Gum, Cotton Candy-flavored, of course
It’s not your turn yet, is it, Sam?
Jar of “Money for California”
KC and JoJo
Libby Mae Brown
Matthew McConaughey
Numerous bridesmaids dresses
O’Donnell, Chris
Pippi Longstocking
Quite photogenic
Runner’s World
Shark! Fire! Penny!
Unleash the Monster
Without Limits: The Steve Prefontaine Story
EXcellent writer
Yellow Jacket
Zzzzzzz. (Claire will sleep anywhere)

Happy Birthday, Pippi!
I miss you more than Junior Mints!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

little irks...and a baby shower!

Hope you enjoyed my previous post about my can't-live-withouts. I actually found this one a little more difficult, but I persevered nonetheless for my devoted readers. Same rules apply - no biggies (we all hate terrorists and the Devil, right?) but just little irks that keep you from total superficial bliss.

You better believe I can live without...

Bathroom stall conversations. OK, people. Don't talk to me while you or I am in the bathroom stall. Basic rule of thumb - if the other party with whom you are conversing is in the bathroom stall, hold your questions or comments until he or she emerges and you can talk face-to-face. I don't think that is too much to ask. Oh, and DON'T talk on your cell phone in the stall either. Let's be civilized.

Vertigo. My dad has had this affliction for years, and I've always had little bouts of it here and there. But recently, it's been making me crazy, and I've found little to no relief. So if you happen to see me running into corners or stumbling around, I'm not drunk, just dizzy. Pity party at my house!

Iceberg lettuce. This one's for you, Beth! It has no nutritional value, no taste and no color. Other than rabbits, why would anyone want to eat it? Whenever I order a salad from a restaurant, I spend about 5 minutes picking out all the colorless chunks and throwing them away, leaving me to enjoy only the nutrient-rich leafy greens.

Shaggy. The "musician" (and I use that term loosely), not the Scooby Doo character. There's no way that guy really talks like he sings, so why have that ridiculous voice that sounds like he has phlegm in his throat? And I'm all for an artist having a sound all his own, but it doesn't count when all your songs sound alike.

Hiccups. Not only do I hate having them myself, but I cannot STAND it when someone else has them. Just ask Kell.

Know-it-alls. No one knows everything about everything. Even Einstein admitted he'd never understand women. If you don't know something, just admit it. There's no crime in ignorance - just learn something and move on. And don't monopolize conversations; sometimes other people have interesting comments to add. So, now you mean to tell me you're smarter than Einstein? Doubtful.

Captain D's. It will be a wonderful world when one day, if someone asks me what I'd like for lunch I won't have to say, "just not Captain D's." Another rule of thumb - seafood should not be ordered and picked up via a drive-through window. It's as simple as that.

Traffic. I am well aware that the traffic in Jackson is nothing compared to larger cities and that some people would kill for a 20-minute commute into work. But why do people seem to forget how to drive when it rains? And if you had a wreck on the interstate would you won't both lanes of traffic slowing down to survey the damage? Of course not.

Wrestling. So let me get this straight - it's a soap opera for boys? And some wrestlers are good and some are bad? And every week someone different is the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion or whatever and carries around that stupid belt? And there are scantily-clad skanks that wrestle in terrible boots? And I'm supposed to believe that it's real? No, thank you.

Bad cell phone etiquette. Don't talk on your cell phone: in the bathroom stall (see my first gripe)...in an elevator - we can all hear you, and we don't care...while you're in the check-out line at the grocery store, bank, etc. - that's just rude. And before you make that purchase, ask yourself: "Do I REALLY need a blue tooth?"

Yikes. I promise I'm a nice person. Don't hate me for all of this bad blog energy.

To end on a pleasant note, spent some time in my former home of Greenwood this weekend helping to give a baby shower for my dear friend, Elizabeth Burgess. It was so nice to get to see everyone and to see E's cute belly! I can't wait to meet Baby Price! And thanks, Haley for letting me stay!

The cake looks like Henry!

The hostesses and Elizabeth (and yes, I have bad posture and one shoe off).

Friday, August 8, 2008

can't live...if living is without you...

Well, friends, it has been many moons since I last posted. Forgive me for my absence as I was again traveling for work. This time my destination was Dahlonega, Georgia for yet another installment of tourism camp with my buddy Mary-Kathryn among others. While listening intently (or not) to each and every word uttered by our wise presenters, MK shared a little activity with me that she also posted about. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to list 10 things that you can't live without, 10 thinks you CAN live without and 10 things you're really into right now. Forgetting the obvious (family, friends, etc.), your 10 things are to be the little luxuries that make your world go 'round. Here are mine in no particular order:

Can't live without...

The Precise V5 Rolling Ball pen. Mightier than the sword? Perhaps. But I've used these little beauties since high school. I even keep a black one in every box of stationery I have so I will never have to write a thank-you note without one. Fortunately, the office supply-orderers with whom I've come in contact in my lifetime must also appreciate the efficiency of the V5, and I've never had to work without them. Oh, and don't even mess with the Fine point ones - it's Extra Fine all the way, baby. Like me.

Text messaging. Harris told me it would change my life, and she was right. How did I ever get along without it? I don't have a nice phone (I've lost 2 in the Detroit airport), I can't get email or take pictures, but by golly, I can text until my hands rot.

Flip flops. If I was allowed to wear them all day every day, I would. And I don't need pricey ones or ones with sequins or polka-dot grosgrain ribbon. Just the plain Old Navy ones do me just fine. I've had to throw away 6 pairs this summer; not from wear-and-tear, oh no - the twins think flips are delicious.

iTunes. I was the first in my family to go straight with regards to free music downloads, and I must say, I've never regretted that move. I love that every month they have a new free download (most are terrible, but hey), and they'll suggest music based on what you've bought. I'm willing to shell out the $0.99 per song to get my music faster and to be legit and avoid federal prosecution.

Hair care products. You people have seen my hair. No explanation needed.

My HOBO wallet. Ok, I wasn't the first to get on this train, but I caught on eventually. If you're in the market for a new wallet, get a HOBO. They come in tons of colors, have lots of nice little compartments and pockets, and you can carry them as a clutch (my favorite feature). My only qualm - the coin pocket is a little small and kind of hard to search through. Still, worth every penny.

DVR. The poor man's TiVo. You haven't really watched TV until you've zapped through the commercials. And forget living in fear of missing new episodes of House or The Office. I must admit that I don't know all the ins and outs like Kell does, but I can make darn sure I don't miss any of my shows.

goodsearch.com. Who doesn't love a search engine? And how many times a day do you use one? If you're like me, a lot. I stumbled upon goodsearch one day while perusing the CARA website and immediately switched from Google. All you do is choose from a list of charities, and every time you search for something (the same way you would with Google), the website donates money to the charity you selected. It's just a penny per search, but every little bit helps, right?

Makeup. What girl can live without it? OK, what Southern girl can live without it? I make no bones about spending money on good makeup, and if you ask me, it's the only way to go. I won't bore you with the stuff I like (as I've done before), but I just have to tell you what I got on my recent trip to Sephora. You ladies may not have a problem with feathering lipcolor, but I do. This TooFaced Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil is great. Just put it on before your lip liner, and you're in business. It's clear, so you can wear it with any color. Beauty crisis averted!

Hand sanitizer. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with me knows my love of hand sanitizer. We all know what it does. Nothing beats a good washing of the hands, but this runs a close second, especially if you are terrified of raw meats as I am.

I hope this made you think about the simple things you can't live without. I'll be sharing another category with you next!
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