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- William Faulkner

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We all have those movies that we just adored when we were younger. And when they appear on television these days, we stop in our tracks and immediately tune in. For Kell, these include, but are not limited to: The Ghostbusters, Karate Kid (all 3 with Daniel-San, not the Hilary Swank edition), Caddyshack and Back to the Future (the trilogy, of course). My long-time faves would probably be The Fugitive, Dumb & Dumber and the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That’s why this story has me so excited.

Hollywood rumor has it that there is a script floating around written by a little-known writer for a Ferris Bueller sequel. Now, I admit I was skeptical at first – some movies just shouldn’t be revisited. However, upon reading the article, I am very intrigued and hopeful. The screenwriter evidently preserves the wit and humor of the original while presenting Ferris Bueller, now a successful motivational self-help guru (complete with “Life Moves Pretty Fast” motto), as he approaches his 40th birthday and decides to take another day off. Is there a better job for an adult Ferris?

The script is being shopped about Tinseltown in hopes that John Hughes, the director of the original, will take the project on. And, of course, the story doesn’t neglect Ferris’s friends:
  • Cameron, his uptight buddy, manages Ferris’s bustling career.
  • Ferris' sister, Jeanie, is married to the boy she met and made out with in the police station (Charlie Sheen).
  • No longer a school administrator, Rooney is still stalking Ferris for revenge.
  • The economics teacher played by Ben Stein (he of the "Bueller . . . Bueller . . ." roll call) is an airline gate representative. Brilliant!
  • Ferris' high school girlfriend Sloane Peterson is a Hollywood star going through a rough marriage.

I hope Ferris has a red sports care identical to that of Cameron’s dad. I would also like to request that Sarah Jessica Parker play Cameron's wife. I should be a casting director.


Anisa said...

i am SO excited! i hope they make this movie!

The Texas VicHorns said...

This is the best news I've heard all week. Ferris is also in my list of top three movies, and i try to use one Ferris quote per day.

"I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind."

there's my quota for today.

Jenny Ruth said...

Hey MS! I love reading your blog and should have commented before now!! You are just great!

I saw your comment on LT's blog about Kell dragging you to the game 4 hours early...I'll be right there with you....Sweating in my "supportive fan" white shirt and all :)

Go Dawgs! :)

The Texas VicHorns said...


I am ready for a new post. Make it happen.

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