"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

someone save this girl

Those who know me well are aware of my sometimes controversial sympathy for pop tarts Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Lindsey Lohan was always teetered on crossing the line into that list, but mostly just because of her deadbeat dad and a mom that is more concerned with being her daughter’s best friend than her only unincarcerated guardian. Now she’s at the top of the list, and I need to make absolutely clear that I in no way know what it is like to be in any kind of spotlight.

I can’t think of anything other than what a crying shame it is that someone so young and beautiful and talented is having to fight all these demons. My heart goes out to her because, through no fault of her own, she joined Hollywood high society at such an early age. Her parents clearly cared more about living vicariously through their own daughter than about her safety and well-being. When people become famous, they are almost immediately surrounded by “yes” people who are too spineless to speak out for their supposed friend (or family member, Dina). When your own mother is living off your every dime and even trading under your name, I would imagine it would be next to impossible to effectively take a clear look at your life and loves.

Now, I certainly don’t give Linds a free pass. She’s practically an adult and fully capable of making her own decisions about her own life, and she should be able to do so. I’m sure no one forces alcohol down her throat or holds a gun to her head to get her to do other things. I think this is part of the addictive toxicity of Hollywood. So what is the next step? Enter a rehab program that lets you leave the premises to go to the movies or out to eat? Drive your car onto a curb and leave the scene? Go out AGAIN the next night and wind up passed out on the cover of the NY Post? I definitely never thought I’d say this, but her dad is right – she needs to distance herself from the people, places and things eating away at her and enter a faith-based rehab. Not another hotelhab.

LiLo, because I am sure you a) read my blog and b) care what I think, what is it going to take? Don’t allow the glitter of L.A. to drag you down the path of other ill-fated timeless talents like John Belushi, Chris Farley, Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. You are far too talented and have far too much to offer to throw it all away for some temporary, superficial excitement. Please bring back the Mean Girl I loved!

Friday, May 25, 2007

do i really look like...

Ok, so yaya and Heather did this, so I had to figure out who I look like. I have to admit, I'm pretty fired up about Scarlett Johannson and Lindsey Lohan being in my collage.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


To count back the days, it's been three-sixty-five
Since one wedding joined two separate lives.

Two Mississippi kids, Bulldogs by birth,
Were married in Starkville's First Baptist Church.
The event was lovely; friends all over the place.
No pink to be found put a smile on the bride's face.

Then off to Charleston; for her, a first.
She shopped, he golfed, they ate till they burst.

It was a long time coming - these fools didn't rush in.
Six years they dated, meeting way back when.
The Starkville girl found a Delta guy,
And through college and moves, the couple survived.
Now exactly one year and two puppies later,
Being Mr. and Mrs. Smith couldn't be greater!

I love you, Kell!

Friday, May 18, 2007

lovers of The Office, unite!

Nothing is ever as simple as it appears, and happenings on the small screen are no exception. For devotees of The Office, last night’s season finale kinda sorta tied up some loose ends. But fortunately those tricksters at NBC also raised new questions: Who knew Jan was really unstable? What happened to Karen? Are Jim and Pam (Jam) going on a real date? Did Ryan really get the job at corporate? And most importantly, what is more valuable: a Schrute Buck or a Stanley Nickel?

The deer-in-headlights moment for many was, of course, Jim fleeing New York (Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Corporate Headquarters) to return to Scranton and ask Pam to dinner. I desperately want to take this at face value and believe that Jim is finally ready to pursue a relationship with the Spamster. However, being foiled many times by sitcom writers, I am trying not to get too excited. How did it all go down? Did Karen know Jim left? What did Jim mean by, “it’s a date?” Jenna Fischer is such an amazing actor – her reaction to Jim’s invitation felt so genuine. He better not blow it this time.

Some of you are aware that I have been known to review and even post on The Office’s message board on the NBC website. (My user name is “My Middle Name is Kurt, Not Fart,” should you ever see one of my comments.) My fellow nerds are suspicious of Ryan the Temp actually getting the highly-coveted job at corporate. Some conspiracy theories have risen:

1. The phone conversation between DM CFO David Wallace was actually two conversations: one between Wallace and Karen offering her the job, the other between Karen and Ryan offering him the position of her assistant.

2. Wallace mentioned that it would be nice to have another MBA around. Has Ryan even graduated yet? Does Jim have an MBA, and could Wallace have really been talking to him? Does Karen have an MBA?

3. Jim actually got the job at corporate, and he is taking Pam out to dinner to end things with her and explain why he is making the move. (This is my least favorite of the theories.)

Poor Michael. In the past, he has been beyond clueless, and he is finally realizing what may be in store for him and his dysfunctional relationship with Karen. Though he got what he wanted in the, um, physical enhancement department, I really hope to see Jan in sweatpants next season waiting for Michael to get home at 5:15.

By the way, does Michael even still have a home? I thought he sold it on ebay for 80% of what he paid for it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

news worth reading

Most days, I arrive at work at about 8 a.m. (later if I don’t carpool with Kell) and turn on my radio and computer. Before I even look through my email, I have to check online news magazines to make sure nothing world-changing happened between the time we leave the apartment to the time I actually get to my desk. The majority of the stories are the usual – coverage of the War on Terrorism, drunk (again) celebutantes and op-eds trying to convince readers that global warming will fry us all.

Something today struck me as a different type of story. Most of us rarely, if ever, think about death row inmates – except for the Scott Peterson types, where the media is saturated with stories. I had seen a little information on CNN.com about Philip Workman, a convicted murderer staring down his last days on death row in Tennessee. He was found guilty of killing a Memphis police officer during a cocaine-induced armed robbery of a local Wendy’s. After years and years of appeals and several execution dates come and gone, Workman died of lethal injection at 2 a.m. Wednesday, May 9.

This is not a plug for the justices, or lack thereof, of lethal injection and the death penalty itself; Workman had his day in court many times over and the legal system worked the way it’s supposed to. At this point, the story probably would have ended. However, Workman had a final request that was denied many times: he, once homeless himself, wanted to have veggie pizzas delivered to the Nashville homeless population. His wishes infiltrated the local media, and through donations from private citizens, over 200 pizzas were delivered to Tennessee shelters for adults, teens and kids.

I in no way want to make light of Philip Workman’s crime or try to paint him a better person than he was – just the opposite. He took another man’s life in a search for his own next high, and he deserved to be punished to the highest extent of the law. And what have we heard of the victim’s family? Nothing. But somehow, the same man who committed the ultimate act of selfishness thought of others in his last days. A part of me is glad Workman never saw his last request come to fruition – he didn’t deserve that satisfaction, and his victim’s family is inevitably sickened by the good press Workman has received. And for better or worse, a group of society’s outcasts had a hot meal at the hands of a cold criminal.

Click here to read CNN’s coverage of the story. (Photos courtesy of CNN.com)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I'd like to take a moment to remember the life of Mr. Monkey. He entered our lives an enthusiastic entertainer and was always more than willing to go along for any ride. The days he spent with us were quiet, but he was ready with a squeak whenever the mood needed to be lightened. He flew through the air with the greatest of ease, and his companionship quickly became an object of obsession for those who loved him most.

Though his death was untimely and gruesome, it is helpful to look back on the hours of joy he brought to our lives.

Mr. Monkey
January 20, 2007 - May 8, 2007
"To know him was to love him."

Saturday, May 5, 2007

do you CARA 'bout animals?

Most of us are animal lovers of some kind - dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish... Pets add to our lives things that no other relationship can provide, from unconditional love to accident stains on the carpet. Still, there are innumerable animals out there that have been abandoned, abused or were "accidents" of their own. Not everyone can go to his or her local animal shelter and adopt a pet, but there is a way that anyone can help a dog or cat in need.

Community Animal Rescue and Adoption, or CARA, is a Jackson-area non-profit, no-kill animal shelter and was the catalyst for us to be able to adopt Olive and Charlie. CARA is a great organization that was created and is still run totally by volunteers and a few part-time employees. They have established a sponsorship program so that small, monthly private donations to a specific animal allow other donations to be used for the general, day-to-day operations of the shelter.

CARA's website allows visitors to search for a dog or cat of any particular size or age. Once you've located your new long-distance love, download the sponsorship application, and send in a check for $15. You can do this each month for as long as you'd like, and the shelter does not pressure you to renew your sponsorship if you're unable to. Kell and I sponsored Monkey for a few months until he was adopted and moved to Vermont. CARA even called us to let us know where he was going! I immediately chose Alan, and we've been his sponsor ever since.

If any of you are interested, please visit the CARA website and just look around. There are so many animals available for sponsorship, and $15 a month is less than I spend on my afternoon cokes at work. Also, the tax deduction at the end of the year doesn't hurt.

Check out this article in the Clarion-Ledger about CARA.

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