"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Friday, June 18, 2010

the big 3-0!

Guess who's turning 30 today? If you don't know, here are 30 reasons I love him, and maybe you can figure it out...

1. He should have been a statistician. He knows everything about every college football player out there, and some pros (if they played in the SEC, of course).
2. He loves Vanity Fair magazine. I have to convince him every month when it comes in that it is not a girlie mag.
3. He is great on the grill.
4. Even though he doesn’t like it, he always mows our yard.
5. He’s a great tennis player. He’ll tell you he’s not, but trust me; he is.
6. He’s like a kid at Christmas on college football game days. Even more so when they’re Mississippi State home games.
7. He doesn’t mind washing his clothes and putting them away. He’d even rather put away my clean clothes then have them sit in the basket for days like they normally do.
8. He is a very logical thinker. He will never jump into something without studying it.
9. He calls facebook “the facebook.”
10. Speaking of social networking, he refuses to open a twitter account. Instead, he just has bookmarks for all the people he follows and clicks around.
11. He picks out really great cards for me.
12. He really likes to vacuum.
13. He will record a Christmas episode of any TV show. Ever.
14. He loves The Office and always waits to watch it until when we can watch it together.
15. He can fix (a few) things around the house.
16. He can speak intelligently about lots of subjects.
17. He loves an MSU message board.
18. Whenever I go to Greenwood, he always tries to convince me to bring him back a veal cutlet (or 2) from the Crystal Grill.
19. He has a wonderful family.
20. He makes the bed every morning and never gets mad at me for not helping.
21. He can string a tennis racket.
22. He loves our dogs just as much as I do.
23. He always fills my car up with gas.
24. He has great hair!
25. He likes (most of) the same music as I do.
26. He drinks the milk in the bottom of the bowl after he’s eaten the cereal out.
27. He LOVES tater tots.
28. I call him several times a day, and he doesn’t mind.
29. He’s great at remembering dates.
30. He’ll always be older than me!

Happy birthday to my one and only!
I love you!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Happy day Kell! Kelley does his own laundry too, and people think I am crazy for not doing it for him. I ask you: who sounds like the crazy one here? Not me!! ;)

Have a great weekend!

Laura Mc

LT (and Max) said...

happy happy happy birthday dear kell!!

Harris Helen said...

I LOVE that he tapes every Christmas epidode of TV shows.

I want more!!

Happy birthday BIL (acronym I just made up for Brother in Law)

Anonymous said...

S-I-L stands for "son-in-love"...We love you, Kell...Harriet and Straton

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