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- William Faulkner

Monday, January 9, 2012

grammar nerd

English was my favorite subject in high school. I loved studying grammar, and diagramming sentences made me giddy. Still does. I laughed out loud at this article about diagramming Sarah Palin's particular, ahem, "style" of speech.

Grammar is one of those thing that you don't notice until it goes terribly wrong. A person can be impeccably dressed, perfectly coiffed and have a spot-on handshake, but when he or she opens his or her mouth and says "whelp" instead of "welt" or hands in a memo incorrectly using "it's" or "its," the facade is ruined.

If you are like me (not "I"), you'll love this article as well.

Speak well, or forever hold your peace!


mary-kathryn herrington said...

i love this!!

Anonymous said...

amen. i'm a grammar nazi as well. and a spelling freak. i love it when people write "grammer" LOL double whammy!!!

laura mc

The Shermans said...

If you only knew how much grammar issues drive me crazy. "It's & "its" and "your & "you're" make me insane...equally as infuriating--the mispronunciation of "mischievous." Everyone says "mis-chee-vee-us." Ugh.

The Shermans said...

And now I realize I left off quotation marks after "your." Geez.

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