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- William Faulkner

Friday, October 21, 2011

gallery walls

Home décor is always a work in progress, isn’t it?

I’ll think something in my home looks really great for a few months or more, and then one day, I decide I’m totally over it and need a new look. Well, I’m there.

If you’ve seen my house before, you probably remember an obnoxiously huge bare wall. I had a couple of large pieces of art there, and I kind of hate them now. What else can you do with an enormous wall? A gallery wall, of course!

My Pinterest followers may have noticed I have an entire board dedicated to gallery walls, simply because each is totally different than the next (which is what I LOVE about them). There are perfectly matching ones, some have completely straight lines, and lots use the same frames and mats. Y’all know I could never get anything to match OR be completely straight, so I’m drawn to the more fancy-free walls.

Here are some of my favorites I’ve found…
I just love this room as a whole.
So many gallery walls I've seen are on light-colored walls. This is more workable for me.
I love how this one isn't just paintings or prints. That bust is cool!

Jenny's (aka LGN) gallery wall in her own home. Look at all the different textures and sizes and colors! She can do no wrong.
Another green wall.
I love how low these are hung. I have a chair rail, so I'm not sure if I could make this work.
I’ve already started collecting little pieces here and there, but I want to do it NOW! Do you love a gallery wall? If so, what kind? If not, why not?

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