"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Friday, October 1, 2010

just some things i love

I love unexpectedly finding cash money in pockets.
I love it when something you don't think will fit or look good on you totally does.
I love to clean the lint trap in the dryer.
I love feeling like my hair looks great.
I love hearing Kell laugh so hard that I don't hear anything.
I love a full tank of gas.
I love Lincoln Park After Dark.
I love it when Charlie turns around in a circle when he gets excited.
I love new clothes.
I love finding the perfect gift for someone.
I love to pretend like I'm in a music video.
I love Fridays at 5:00 p.m.
I love to eat outside.
I love my alma mater.
I love when someone thinks you're as cool as you think they are.
I love Twitter.
I love to see Harris do the Kitty Dance.
I love to sing.
I love to tell people fun things they didn't know.
I love to go eat lunch with friends.
I love Japanese culture.
I love to have fresh flowers in my house.
I love to wake up in the night and see that I have a long time left to sleep.
I love anything red velvet-flavored.
I love Dr. Seuss.
I love feeling at home in church.
I love making mix CDs and playlists for people.
I love cold weather.
I love that I've never read Twilight.
I love being Southern.
I love wrapping presents.
I love a robe in a hotel room.
I love it when my tickle box gets turned over.

...But enough about me! I hope you have a great weekend full of things you love! And if you'd love to share a few of 'em, go for it.

Because I also love blog comments.


Laura Merrill said...

I love when North Sunflower Medical Center has hot ham and cheese sandwiches on the menu for lunch.

Katie & Chris said...

You don't know me, and I really don't recall how I happened upon your blog, but I am so glad I did! Everytime I read, I think, "I wish we were friends!" I love reading blogs of people who share similar thoughts and interests as my own!

Anonymous said...

I love that first fall cold front that finally drops the temps out of the 90s and you feel human again.

I love warm sand, the ocean lapping at my feet, and a frosty drink in my hand.

I love taking pictures and looking back at them over the years.

laura mc

Anonymous said...

I love YOU....Mom

Ashley said...

I love a friend who loves my baby as if he were the last baby boy on this planet!

Claire said...

At the top of the things I love list this week:

1. The pretty necklace you gave me for my birthday. I still haven't taken it off.

LT (and Max!) said...

i love this weather
i love a margarita
i love my dog
i love my bulldogs!

and thanks for including "Lincoln Park after Dark" in your list! Just today Heather and I were talking about OPI names and I had that one on the tip of my tongue! All I could remember was Lincoln Park.

i love my first friend.

Heather said...

I love starbucks seasonal pumpkin spice latte.
And I love turning the air down reeeeaaallly low and snuggling under my down comforter.

come to think of it, I would love to drink a pumpkin spice latte while doing that.

Lacey said...

i love you MSKS! and i miss you. your blog makes my day!

mary-kathryn said...

i love so many of those things too.... right now i love fall weather and my new boots!

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