"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Friday, July 9, 2010



If you’re reading this Friday morning, I hope I’m laying by the pool at the lovely Beau Rivage on the even lovelier Mississippi Gulf Coast (which is open for business, might I add. Come and eat and buy some stuff!). If you’re reading this Friday afternoon, I hope I’m either at the outlet mall on the Coast or at Forever 21 in Hattiesburg. Anytime after that, I don’t know where I’ll be.

Feels like a long time since I’ve really sat down to blog about an actual topic that’s not a recipe or a wish or a holiday. It’s about time I get back in the saddle, don’t you think? Let’s start with a book review, shall we?

My love for Jen Lancaster has never been a secret on this blog. The adoration began with Bitter is the New Black, and has continued through Bright Lights, Big Ass, Such a Pretty Fat and Pretty in Plaid (my personal favorite). And of course I follow her on Twitter and read her blog regularly. That said, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I recently finished My Fair Lazy, Jen’s “culture-up manifesto” that inspires her to visit restaurants with international flair, eat stinky cheese, attend theatre productions and the opera and even read up on poetry. And as in most of her books, hilarities ensue. So now that you’ve got the gist of it, I shall say this: this was my least favorite of her books. When I was reading it (and certainly laughing, mind you), I couldn’t help but think, “she wanted to write another book, and this was the only thing she could come up with.” That said, I still recommend her to anyone and everyone that likes to giggle and doesn’t mind a little peppering of colorful language, but I wonder if I weren’t (pseudo) friends with her if I would find it so funny. I give it a B+. Still a very respectable grade and one I would have been happy to receive in calculus in the 12th grade. And it did make me want to read some classic novels and good poetry again.

On to what I’m reading now: Plain Truth. Ever since Claire recommended My Sister’s Keeper to me a couple of years ago, I have loved everything I’ve read by Jodi Picoult. She has an amazing knack for shedding light on both sides of an ethics debate, especially in ones where I thought I’d formed a solid opinion. As of right now, I’m about a third of the way through the book, and this one is really great. It takes place on an Amish farm where a just-born baby has been found dead, and the main suspect is an 18-year-old girl who claims to have never had the baby, much less “relations.” I’m totally enthralled, and that’s all I’m going to say about that…

Next subject. Few things make me happier than a really good food blog; especially one with recipes that look fantastic and totally do-able. Thanks to this post from A Cup of Jo, I’ve found Framed, a website with endless recipes, each with gorgeous pictures to match. Not to mention the author has tons of great blogs that SHE follows, too – JACKPOT! – through which I happen to come across this little dandy: Greek Black-eyed Peas Salad. Eating is fun.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Mae Mae,
I want you to make that Greek Blackeyed Pea Salad for me. Don't remember eating that as a child but I would have loved it like I love all of you.

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