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- William Faulkner

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

party like it's 1999

I’m back after a fun weekend in my hometown for my 10-year class reunion! It was amazing how little (I thought) people had changed and how we were all able to pick up right where we left off many moons ago. Thanks to Kell who was a super trooper the entire evening.

Here are just a couple of pics that I stole from yaya’s facebook album. I’m terrible about taking pictures, so fortunately I have her to rely on.

our class

Alexa, Laura and me...Ashley, we missed you!

Today’s my mom’s birthday – she’s 35! And in her honor, Harris and I compiled…

Harriet A to Z

Antique hunter
Better living through chemistry
Cannot ride a bike
Didn’t want to learn how to pump gas
Feltman Bros.
Gifts from celebrities
Hershey’s chocolate
I’m having fun”
July 1987 – got her hair cut too short
Kisses and Fritos
Loves summer
Never leave a restaurant with a toothpick in your mouth”
Old linens
Peppers every Friday night
Shrimp soup
Untidy room is the sign of a creative mind
Vampire books
Who was the cutest one there?”
Excellent teacher
Young and fun"

Happy Birthday, MOM WOW!


Ford Family said...

Your mom was my first grade teacher, and I loved her! I remember her making us learn how to spell "Karatassos" for a spelling test and teaching me how to pronounce "island." Please tell her happy birthday for me!

Julie McCool Ford

LT (and Max) said...

1. yay for 1999 grads. rock on. and YES, ashley, we DID miss yoU!!!
2. happy birthday mrs. k! i love my "other mom"
3. i do not understand twitter. i just don't.

Heather said...

when your mom used to take me to school she would say "Make hundreds!" as I got out of the car.

I rarely did.

I love sassyfrass.

Jan Johnson said...

Love the "didn't want to learn to pump gas" one. If I think about it, I guess I didn't want to either. Would someone please do it for me? :) Loved your mom dearly, my first grade teacher!
And on to the reunion, I had a blast. Not enough people there though and not long enough to catch up on everyone. Candice said maybe again in 5 years, what do ya think?

Melita said...

Happy Birthday to Harriet!! I wish I had some Tabs to bring you. Hope you have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Harris and Mary Straton,

Ashley Crawford Jones said...

Thanks for the shout out, MSKS and LT! I missed y'all terribly! I agree with Jan that we need to shoot for a 15 year reunion. Love you!
P.S. Happy B'day Mrs. K!

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