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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

la vida lohan

Ok. Now I’m really worried. I, like most people, really hoped Lindsay Lohan would take the valuable time afforded to her in rehab and try to make a positive change in her life. Evidently, the over six weeks spent in the facility and the thousands of dollars spent there were a total waste.

What is it going to take? Daniel Baldwin is finally making progress after his ninth stint in rehab. That’s right – NINE. Lindsay completed her first before she was legal and spent her 21st birthday at a separate facility. And now, less than 2 weeks fresh out, she’s been arrested again. This time not only for DUI and suspended license, but for felony cocaine possession, which requires mandatory jail time in some states. And now she is in total denial, sending out an email stating that she’s innocent and the drugs weren’t hers.

I understand LiLo is now a legal adult and capable of making her own decisions. No one forced the alcohol down her throat, and the coke IS hers. Her dad is in jail now for assault and other colorful charges after battling addiction, and instead of her mother taking every opportunity possible to help Lindsay break the cycle, Dina has remained content to live vicariously through her daughter and not just turn a blind eye to her partying, but participate with her. Seriously, Dina, you are NO mother. Since you like partying with your daughter so much, maybe you should join her in rehab. For once in your life, set a good example for your troubled daughter instead of using her for your own gain. Hey, and how ‘bout you keep an eye on your two other YOUNGER kids? Wait, maybe you’ll screw them up, too. Stay away.

Clearly, LL needs to cut ties with everyone she’s affiliated with up to this point (including her number one accomplice, er, mom) and get some real help. Try a real rehab, not these that ignore the drugs passing in their doors and allow their residents to float in and out during the day, all the while creating this false sense of recovery. Maybe substantial jail time is just what she needs. If Paris can survive it, Lindsay can pass with flying colors.

Fox News pointed out Lindsay’s young Hollywood addiction struggles are just one of many – River Phoenix (who died at 23 from a lethal drug combo), Macaulay Culkin and Danny Bonaduce (TOTAL train wreck), just to name a few. Let’s hope Linds will follow in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore and will be able to rise above it.

I’m not giving up yet.

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Katie said...

My thing is, why can't these rich celebutants just take a limo everywhere they go? I mean come on...

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