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- William Faulkner

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wish list wednesday

What am I wishing for this Wednesday?

* A fabulous dress to wear to a New Year's Eve wedding. So much pressure!

* This sweet little Queen Anne's Lace print. It's a special little flower to me!

* Some more Archipelago Brown Sugar and Vanilla products. Haley introduced them to me years ago, and I love the fragrance.

* That those waterless shampoo things worked for curly hair.

* Some new perfume. Something clean and not too flowery... Suggestions?

What's your wish?


Anonymous said...

Have you smelled Chloe? They have it at sephora and some dept stores. I LOVE it...very fresh and clean smelling.
I also love Bouquet by Very Wang, but that might be too flowery for your taste...

laura mc

gtown1 said...

Hi Mary Straton...
I visit your blog on my google reader since you are a friend of a friend from MSU. :)
The Tomlinson Girls! And I live down here on the Coast with Heather.

Anyway...love your Wish List Wednesdays and saw you were inquiring about a new perfume.
I an a consultant for Mary Kay and
we just introduced our newest scent, Thinking of You--see youtubevideo below.


And it's wonderfully unique and beautiful smelling. Even has a lotion to pair with it to layer the fragrance all day long! I'm giving it as a Christmas gift to many friends this holiday season. It comes in a really cute box that opens up and you can write a 'thinking of you' note inside of the box. Too cute. I shared the link above for you to check out.

Will be happy to send you a sample towlette in the mail...or if you want to order just let me know and/or just send me your address at:

Where do you live? I can't remember.

Thanks! Happy Wednesday um I mean Thursday. Elizabeth Williams

Jennifer and BJ said...

try finding a fabulous new year's eve wedding maternity dress!! not gonna be easy!

Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

I love Vera Wang! Very simple and nice.

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