"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Friday, November 19, 2010

it's not goodbye...just see you later!

Today was Kristen's last day in my office (and yes, she really is that much taller than me). I can't believe that after four years of me working with her day in and day out, she won't be there to help me, encourage me, give me advice or make me giggle! I know we'll always be friends, but there's something special about a work buddy that transcends to personal buddy.

Kristen, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me in and out of the office. I'll miss traveling with you, lunching with you and gossiping with you, and this place just won't be the same without you here. Oh, and this would be the perfect time to re-dedicate your life to your blog!

I wish you all the best in God's Country! I love you!

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KK said...

You are just precious to me. You look like such a baby in that picture. To think we still have those black wrap dresses from that trip! I already miss you, but am sure you aren't going to miss my daily kid stories or "toe" ones! I'm so proud of you and know you are going to do great things for the program we have built!

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