"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Friday, June 19, 2009

cold noses, warm hearts

I love my dogs. Even though they drive me insane sometimes and I get exhausted of their often inappropriate barking and general undesirable dog behaviors, there’s nothing like when I get home and they run to greet me, tongues panting and tails wagging. And not being a mother of human children, this is all I’ve got to go by. I know some of you out there aren’t dog lovers, but just bear with me – anyone can appreciate a good story.

This is a great article about the “healing” power of puppy love. Ever wonder how service dogs get their training? At the Fishkill Correctional Facility, specially chosen inmates are given 8-week old puppies to train to be service dogs for the disabled, included wounded soldiers. The pups are with the inmates 24/7, even sleeping in crates in the cells. During the time the two spend together, the dogs get valuable training to help those in need while the prisoners learn to care for something other than themselves.

What a great way to utilize the unconditional love of a pup to need and depend on someone who has perhaps never had such a companion!

Happy Friday. Woof!


LT (and Max) said...

awesome. i think the world would be a much better place if everyone had a dog (or, in your case, 2)

mylittlebecky said...

aaaaaaaaaah! i love scruffy little dogs ! so cute! :) i've seen these prisoner programs before, pretty neat.

ps hello!

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