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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it's all about the dress

It is upon us, ladies and gents. Oscar season, or for the hoity-toities, The Academy Awards. The time for movies both poignant and pointless, divine and disappointing, uplifting and ubiquitous to fight and claw for recognition. The time for the fancy-pants Academy to stroke the egos of directors, producers and actors everywhere, and often times totally ignore the favorites of the real folks. There will be films or pictures (what we real people call “movies”) that we loved, hated or didn’t know existed up for the highest award in Hollywood – that naked gold guy. I have arrived at the conclusion that whomever chooses these pictures (they were most likely drama geeks in high school now on a power trip…I can say that as I was in a couple of productions myself) pick ones that they don’t even get or like just to make themselves look smart. At least that’s what I would do in that position. But, as usual, I digress.

My main reason for this post is to focus on what people really like about the Oscars – the fashion. We always hear of these inconspicuous knock-off designers with their pen and pad ready to sketch copies of the best get-ups to sell to department stores across the nation. Some of the dresses are outstanding, some are horrific and many are boring, but all are undoubtedly loved by those wearing them. Oh, and I believe none of that business of the nominees choosing their dress an hour before the ceremony. Seriously? So as the Oscar girls (who really cares about the tuxes?) get ready to glam up before the biggest night in the film industry, I’d like to share with my stylish readers my favorite Oscar gowns of all time (or the past 15 years or so) in no particular order.

Forgive me for this one – I couldn’t find a good picture of Nicole in this one minus her couch-jumping ex. This dress is so perfect for her, it’s not funny. It looks as stunning today as it did back in ’97. Who could pull off that color but her? And that embroidery! Can you say “tall drink of water?” And leave it to her to match the perfect jewels. I have always thought of Nicole Kidman as one of the Untouchables – she just seems other-worldly, and this dress confirms it.

When I started working on this post, this dress was one of the very first I thought about. First of all, how do you not love Kate Winslet? She is so amazingly beautiful and talented, and she looks every bit the movie star in this red number she rocked in 2002. Those flowers on the shoulder are exquisite and check the pink bow on her red clutch – genius! And I bet she doesn’t even need Spanx.

I know red hair, green dress has been done, but Amy Adams has done it the best so far if you ask me. From her antique bag and understated jewels to her wavy hair, she is Old Hollywood glamour all the way, baby. It doesn’t hurt that she’s adorable, too. Have you ever seen Junebug? She was perfect.

Is there anything Cate Blanchett can’t do? Her ability to portray anyone – man or woman – onscreen is only matched by her ability to pull off anything on the red carpet. Even though it’s not nearly as off-the-wall as some other stuff she’s worn, this dress is just so right for her and the occasion. The maroon velvet belt is just ideal against the crisp, yellow silk. Again, an Untouchable.

Many of you will not be surprised that Hilary Swank ended up in this list. I have always liked her and appreciated her style – rarely, if ever a misstep (plus she loves Stella McCartney!). This dress got some negative reviews, but I loved it. She’d just finished filming Million Dollar Baby and wanted to show off her million dollar bod. Can you blame her? The front of the dress was really simple, but check out that back! Yowzaaa! And I love that she went right to In-and-Out Burger after the ceremony and chowed down. A girl after my own heart.

And now for my favorite Oscar dress EVER. Drumroll, please...

Ok, so this dress was in a particular order. It is my absolute favorite dress of the Oscars – hands down. I would like to think that I would wear something like this should I ever get the opportunity to go. A girl can dream, right? But alas, I would never in a million years be able to pull off this color or be that thin. Her hair, lips, jewels, neckline – all insane. And seeing Michelle Williams in this dress does make me a little sad – she was with Heath Ledger here, both nominated for the movie that brought them together. Still, this dress goes into the Oscar Gown Hall of Fame. Period.

What are your fave Oscar (or any red carpet) gowns?


LT (and Max) said...

i, for one, appreciate the energy you put in your blog posts.

i liked this one. and i couldn't agree more on that yellow dress. i wish i could look that good in it.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this post. i love old hollywood glamour as well. i wish i could have been around for the grace kelly and carey grant days. can't wait for the big night!

Harris Helen said...

Gwenyth's pink dress!!!

Courtney and Jason G. said...

I LOVED Swank's dress. Top 5 of all time for sure... I love the way the front was cut- almost boatneck, with capped sleeves and that back. OMG that back....

AND any type of Vintage Jewelry always is the icing on the cake if you ask me...

Or Rachael Zoe.

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