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- William Faulkner

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i'm not a playa, i just crush a lot

The Girl Crush. It’s a subject I’ve not yet broached on this blog, but one I think everyone can identify with. In fact, MK and I were recently talking about a recent Girl Crush discovery of her own, and I was inspired to cover mine. If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, it’s likely you’ve just never given your Girl Crush her illustrious title. It’s a simple concept really, and one that some are more adept at identifying than others. I, however, have had many over the years for many different reasons – some blatantly obvious, some a little more complex.

In my 5-year-old world, She-Ra was it. She was tall, blonde, a princess, had a brave steed and was a secret life as a superhero (Adora was her street name), complete with Sword of Protection. Not to mention she was He-Man’s twin sister. I had innumerable figurines, her horse Spirit (also a superhero horse) the sword, breastplate thingy and her golden boots (which were actually gold plastic shin guards worn on top of the shoe). She was awesome. Girl Power before the Spice Girls.

Fast forward a few years to Whitney Houston. Pre-Bobby Brown Whitney, that is. I knew every word to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and thought the twirly skirt with the huge red ruffles was the single greatest item of clothing ever created. I mean, was there a better, cuter, more talented singer in the 80’s? And to think I really thought I could sing like her. I had The Bodyguard soundtrack on tape (even though I wasn’t allowed to watch the movie) and listened to the thing all. the. time. I even remember being told to put it away on the bus coming back from a choir competition in elementary. Dork? Perhaps.

I’m sure there were others in between, and my mom could probably help me identify them, but the next one that sticks out in my mind is Jessica Simpson. Whoa. And I loved her prior to Newlyweds. I thought she was so talented and real and beautiful, and she dated Nick Lachey! I loved the song she sang on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack, which I still have, by the way. I had her book about wedding planning, which I thought was perfect and immaculate in every way. And when Newlyweds started, I watched every episode, the whole time thinking that we were really friends. Needless to say, when her marriage to Nick ended on Thanksgiving whichever year it was, I was heartbroken. You think you know somebody…

If I thought on this for hours, I could probably come up with more Girl Crushes Through the Years, but this somewhat brings you up to date. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I’ve decided on the top few. Don’t judge my Girls.

I don’t care what anyone says, I love Kim Kardashian. I’m not saying all the little girls in America should aspire to be her one day, but she knows who she is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her. Plus, she’s gorgeous and dates a star athlete! Reggie! Reggie! Something about her is just fascinating to me. Maybe because I’ve been accused of having some junk in the trunk, and hers has made her a rock star.

Whatever Stacy London says, I will do. She could tell me to dye my hair green and cut it in a mullet, and I probably would (those of you that know Stacy know she would NEVER advise such a hot mess). I have been watching What Not To Wear since the Wayne and Stacy era, and I love her more with every episode. She’s got an amazing eye for fierce style and is so fun. I really think she would like me if she just gave me like one afternoon. Don’t you just want to BE her?

Have you ever pretended you are someone else when you are out of your element. My love and devotion to Scarlett Johannson led me to pretend I was her in Lost in Translation the first time I was ever in Tokyo. I think she is not only a gifted actress, but i love how real she looks – she’s got a fantastic figure with real meat on her bones. Not to mention a beautiful face. She’s a young’un, too and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Imagine my excitement when she appeared on the cover of my Bazaar magazine this month.

Who are your Girl Crushes?


LT (and Max) said...

ooohhh...i like this post. my girl crush is no doubt jennifer nettles...that's a no brainer. i, too, love stacy london, but wouldn't consider her a crush.

sidenote: i remember when you thought you were shera. that was a fun era.

Anonymous said...

I'm a devotee of Stacy's--every Friday night I'm home watching "WNTW" with her and Clinton.

Harris Helen said...

Mary, you know i have always said you remind me of Stacy London. I definitely think your personalities would mesh well.


TheDearmanFamily said...

Nice Post....I also had "The Bodyguard" soundtrack on tape. At one time, I also thought that "We Believe That Children are the Future" was the best song EVER written.

There was definitely a Sarah Jessica Parker period of my life.

Anonymous said...

2 things:
1. We bribed you to go to the dentist by giving you the She-ra sword, breatplate and shield. You were 3 or 4.
2. You went thru a Jennifer Anniston phase also...You wanted to hang out with her and be her friend. MOM

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