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- William Faulkner

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"d" is for...

My dear friend, Beth Williams, told me once that switching from Coca-Cola Classic to Diet Coke was more difficult than childbirth. I'll never forget it because, though I have never given birth, the switch affected me greatly as well. Now that I've converted to the diet soda pop, going back to the super-sweet original is nothing short of a sugar shock. With this new world of artificially sweetened fizzy beverages, I've explored the different offerings and come up with my faves:
1) Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper - hard to find, but totally worth it
2) Diet Dr Pepper
3) Diet Coke
4) Diet Sprite or Sprite Zero or whatever they're calling it now.
5) Diet Pepsi - the breakfast of champions according to my little sister

Sorry mom, Tab is still not cutting it for me.

Kell and I were lucky in that though having two puppies in the house at once wasn't exactly relaxing, the twins entertained each other and didn't do much chewing outside of the occasional shoe or belt or dryer sheet. However, the Dingo bone has changed all our lives - both for the better and for the worse. When they each have one, they're angels, chewing quietly on the meaty rawhide treat. But when one notices that the other's bone is clearly more delicious, havoc ensues.

If you have a dog that loves a good chew, I recommend the Dingo. They're vet approved, clean your pooch's teeth and completely digestible (even though the twins have been known to eat so many in such a short amount of time that I have cleaned up Dingo puke). We graduated from the minis to the smalls recently because of their rate of consumption and in concern of a choking hazard, but our four-legged children love all varieties from the Goof Balls to Munchy Sticks to the original Hand-Tied Bones. You can find the Dingo at any grocery store, super market or drugstore, and Walgreens usually has value-packs! Delicious.


LT (and Max) said...

i live for diet drinks. diet dp is too my fave. diet pepsi tastes like vomit.

have you tried the new chocolate covered cherry diet dp? interesting....

Monitor de LCD said...

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Anonymous said...

just like the above post, i agree that your blog is 'likeable' Congrats!

now to other matters...jack has never had a dingo bone. is this something i must get him? we eat milkbones, greenies, and raw hide. maybe i've been a neglectful mother, i guess i should go get him some dingo bones today.

ps. coke zero rules

Laura Mc

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