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- William Faulkner

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mind games

Is there a great mind in our midst? Below is a Genius Challenge from a website I love: mentalfloss.com. The premise is simple – guess to which state each clue refers. For example, the first one, “lbs. of laundry” would be Washington – as in “washing” a “ton.” Get it?

1) lbs. of laundry?
2) Pirate of no return?
3) Ritter’s posterior?
5) No more mining?
6) Harry, for 3/4 year.
7) Graphite in blood.
8) Dirty player’s need?
9) Flash’s plea?
10) Put to bed by Barb’s beau?
11) Remember it?
12) A shade about nothing?

I’ll post the answers later. Let’s keep our minds sharp! No cheating! (Yaya, I expect great things from you.)


LT (and Max) said...

ooooohhh...i do love these kinds of things, however, i'm not THAT good at them. i'll think about them though and hopefully i can respond with some wise answers before you post the answers.

don't let melita in on this game. she'll figure them out in no time.

Anonymous said...

okay, MSKS, I am MAD at you for posting this quiz, and mad at LT for making me aware of it! I have figured out 8 of them, and the other 4 are DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

So, when will I see the answers?????

The Kosko Family said...

i am so dumb.

LT (and Max) said...

i have a feeling the "anonymous" is 'marlita'....

and i'm with kendy. i'm dumb.

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