"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Monday, June 11, 2007

my new toy

I finally got an iPod! It's just a shuffle, but I'm pretty excited about it (I got the blue one after much deliberation). Kell has the nano, which has an actual screen and such, but I didn't think we needed 2 in our house. He always ends up with the more tech-savvy stuff. Anyway, I just wanted one to take with me on plane trips. And it's about the size of the one in the picture - I can clip it to my shirt in the airport and look cool.

After a short tutoring session from my husband, I immediately got to work on which songs on my iTunes I wanted to commit to my shuffle. I only can have 240 on there. Sounds like a lot, but once I started to go through my playlist, it got hard to narrow down. Plus, I've mentioned before how important it is to me to have a diverse musical repertoire.

So, what's on your iPod? What should I add to mine?


LT (and Max) said...

i would be more than happy to recommend a few tunes for you, but i have a slight feeling that they will all get shot down.

AT LEAST put "amarillo" on there and i'll approve.

i love my ipod. of course, i'm not as cool as you and i don't get to fly much, so don't use them on airplanes.

Claire said...

you need patty griffin's newest album on there, "children running through." fo sho.

The Hills said...

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat is so great. It puts me in a wonderful mood!! Congrats on the purchase...it does make plane rides a little more bearable.

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