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Friday, March 23, 2007

grey matter...

(I stole the title of this post from an article I read lately. I couldn't think of anything more clever.)

I've never really been one for rom-coms or sappy, love-y, kiss-y dramas, but something about Grey's Anatomy has gotten into my bones. Maybe it's the characters; maybe it's the cute boys; maybe it's just me falling in with America's obsession with doctors, surgeons and the like. Whatever it is, the show has grown on me like a fungus.

I must confess, I didn't watch GA from episode 1. But I've been watching it long enough to appreciate the characters' background and history both by themselves and together. Trust me, this show makes Desperate Housewives look like...well, I can't think of anything silly and shallow right now.

Last week, Izzie and George got wasted and ended up in bed together. I always thought there was a spark of something between the two of them, but Izzie has been distracted by Alex and Denny, and George with Meredith and his now wife Callie. This turn-of-events shocked me to my core and paved the way for a new story line.

Poor George - he's clearly confused, and the writers tortured the hell out of him in this episode. Probably my favorite scene from last night's episode is Izzie and George in the linen closet, right after George remembered (silently in front of Callie and her intimidating dad) the previous night's transgression. No one speaks, but you can almost hear what they are "saying" by their actions. It was heart wrenching to see them so torn, and I briefly thought it would happen again before George rushes out. George and Izzie are so broken and human - I felt like I was in the room with them.

The George/Callie/Izzie love triangle has stolen the show away from the title character Meredith. McDreamy is trying so hard, too hard, to protect Mer from herself. She subconsciously tried to drown herself and lost her mother all in one week (don't you just love TV?). Derek tries to convince her that she's being set up by another surgeon to mess up a facial reconstruction, and she tells him to shut the door on his way out. He's so affected by this that he can't continue his day without worrying about Meredith. (He always looks like he's about to cry to me. He must just have "sad eyes" as my mom calls them.) Merek finally lets bygones be bygones and gets frisky in the end.

LOVE me some Cristina Yang. She's tough, smart as a whip and totally blindsided by how much she cares for Burke. He wants to marry her and start a new life together, but she longs for things to return to the way they were. Somewhere between a snobby British surgeon and an amputated foot, she realizes that she has to give something to Burke or she'll lose him forever. So, it's decided that they'll get married in City Hall without mosquito netting in her face (veil).

Don't really care about Alex and Jane Doe. It's a cheesy subplot, and it goobs me out. I guess it can't all be great.

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Horns said...

THANK YOU for the GA recap. I was a religious watcher until I moved to West Texas without a working TV. how much would i have to pay you for weekly recaps??? -meredith horn

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