"I've discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it."
- William Faulkner

Monday, January 28, 2008

state of the (colvard) union

Congrats to the Bulldogs for their definitive win over the Rebs this weekend. It's nice to be perfect - in the SEC, that is - which is less than I can say for our North Mississippi rivals. I love that the Hump is such a tough place to play - kind of like where rankings go to die, per se.

While in Starkville, we visited the Union on campus, and it most certainly puts the old one to shame. If you visit Bulldog Country, it's worth a peek. We didn't venture too far past the food court, but even what little of it we saw was like a different place. I felt that familiar pain that strikes me every time I hit MSU's campus - I think about places I wish I had gone more, things I wish I had taken advantage of, and what it was like to be a carefree college student in general. I could almost picture myself walking across the Drill Field. Sorry to be so sentimental, but that's what State does to me.

And here's this week's Delicious Dish: You may be familiar with the recipe, but if you're not, it's probably the easiest and most delicious dessert ever. It's a great one to take to a friend or bring to a party.

"Better than Death by Chocolate" Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert


1 box of ice cream sandwiches (I usually get the 12-pack so Kell can eat the extras)
1 jar of caramel sundae topping
1 tub of Cool Whip, defrosted (I get the fat free kind, but it's sort of a wash in this recipe)
1 bag of Heath topping (these are near the chocolate chips), divided or about 8 Skor bars, divided and crushed (Kell prefers Skor bars, but I can't really tell the difference)

Spray a casserole dish with unflavored cooking spray (the size of the dish will determine how many ice cream sandwiches you'll need). Cover the bottom of the dish with the unwrapped sandwiches. I always cut them to fit exactly, but you sure don't have to. (I like to not be able to see any of the bottom of the dish.) Pour the entire jar of caramel topping over the sandwiches, covering completely. Sprinkle about 3/4 of the Heath topping or crushed Skor bars, reserving the rest to top. Spread the entire tub of Cool Whip over the crushed candy (it helps if the tub is completely softened and thawed in the fridge first). Sprinkle the remaining Heath topping or crushed Skor bar (I sometimes drizzle a little caramel on top, too), and freeze to set. Let thaw slightly so it's easy to serve. YUM!

And check out another great review of Ballast AND the awards the picture won! Nina and her crew never cease to amaze.


LT (and Max) said...

wasn't that game AMAZING?! i was sad i wasn't there. and yes, the union is awesome. JR and i had a tour of it right before the students came back from christmas. the incoming freshmen are SPOILED with that and the new freshmen dorms!

i'll be adding this recipe to my collection ( i think i've had this before. YUMMY!)

Courtney and Jason G. said...

I feel the same way when i go back to campus.... sigh.....

what a fun game to attend! Jealous.

kk said...

Well. Go Dawgs! Starkville always gives me the warm fuzzies kinda like we I make that big bend in the road on Hwy 82 and dip down into the Delta right outside of Greenwood. All I can do is take a big sigh and think "home"!

As for the recipe, one of my favs. I have to admit that if you poke some holes in the ice cream sandwiches and pour some kahula over it that is a great addition!

Ashley Crawford Jones said...

About the recipe... I saw the comment about the kahula. I've made the same dessert but used Amaretto instead. The ice cream sandwiches soak it up. It's to die for! Prissy got drunk one night when she licked a plate (Note: Mother had used WAY to much amaretto that night, so be careful!) Enjoy!

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