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- William Faulkner

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

twas the week after Christmas...

Long time, no post.

I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday. I did. Kell, and this should surprise no one, kept a log of the hours away from home and miles put on my little car. I can’t remember the exact numbers – I know someone who does – but I think it’s something like 550 miles in 77.5 hours. Those of us who aren’t teachers and have to use precious vacation days over the holidays have to make every moment count, so we did. Ridgeland to Greenville to Starkville to Batesville to Ridgeland. Even typing that took forever. Surprise favorite gifts of Christmas 08: Kell’s ShamWow, OPI Brand New Skates nail polish (it's twinkly!)and Mom’s Twilight t-shirt – just ask her about that one. PLEASE.

We got back home to spend our first Christmas in our new house and shared the stockings we filled for each other while the twins sacked out on the couch. (Unfortunately, the Benadryl we gave the little guy to help him sleep while away from home had no effect.) I was barely awake by the time we were taking down decorations and throwing away garland and my wreath (the picture is of neither my porch nor my tree - i have no idea whose, in fact). Our living room looks really empty now. Sniff.

We’re a little back to normal now, considering we’ll have yet another holiday this week, complete with bonus day (Thanks, Guv!). AND one of my favorite publications arrived today – the Mississippi Magazine Wedding Register issue. I’ve posted before how much I enjoy this particular issue, and I plan on devoting some serious time to it. That is, if the gift cards and Christmas $$$ I got don’t burn a hole in my pocket first.

And for the last Delicious Dish of 2008, here’s a little something I made for my family for Christmas. It makes a great breakfast treat. Or a great treat for any time of day, come to think of it.

Hunny Bun Cake (I realize I spelled “hunny” a little funny, but that’s how Winnie the Pooh spells it, and I like it that way)

Cake Mixture
1 box yellow butter cake mix
4 eggs
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 8oz cup sour cream

3 cups confectioner sugar
6 tablespoons milk

Cinnamon Sugar
4 tablespoons cinnamon sugar(purchased) OR
2 tablespoons cinnamon and 2 tablespoons white sugar mixed in a separate bowl

Mix cake mixture ingredients together in a bowl (I suppose you could just use whatever the cake mix box calls for and prepare as directed, but this is what the recipe I was given said, so I went with it). Pour half of your cake mixture in a 9x13 greased pan.

Then pour half (2 tablespoons) of your cinnamon sugar mixture on top of your batter. Next put the rest of you cake mixture on top of that. Then place the rest of the cinnamon sugar mixture on top.

Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour. Pour icing on top of cake while it’s still warm. (I poked a bunch of holes in the cake with the fat end of a chopstick to get the icing to drip down into the cake for an extra flavorful detail.)

Sound good to you? Want more recipes? Any specific type recipe you’d like me to try out and report back? Let me know if you’d like the Delicious Dish feature to continue in 09 – I aim to please!

Happy New Year!


Tassie said...

Your mom got a Twilight shirt for Christmas? That's so cool! ( I got three..) I'm almost embarrassed to admit that and how many times I've seen the movie....your recipe sounds great! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

The Hunny Bun Cake was terrific! MOM

KK said...

Of course the recipes should continue. I might suggest taking samples to your office for others to try!

mary-kathryn said...

while your reading the magazine check out my blurb on Charlie Mars...hehe.

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