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Friday, May 18, 2007

lovers of The Office, unite!

Nothing is ever as simple as it appears, and happenings on the small screen are no exception. For devotees of The Office, last night’s season finale kinda sorta tied up some loose ends. But fortunately those tricksters at NBC also raised new questions: Who knew Jan was really unstable? What happened to Karen? Are Jim and Pam (Jam) going on a real date? Did Ryan really get the job at corporate? And most importantly, what is more valuable: a Schrute Buck or a Stanley Nickel?

The deer-in-headlights moment for many was, of course, Jim fleeing New York (Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Corporate Headquarters) to return to Scranton and ask Pam to dinner. I desperately want to take this at face value and believe that Jim is finally ready to pursue a relationship with the Spamster. However, being foiled many times by sitcom writers, I am trying not to get too excited. How did it all go down? Did Karen know Jim left? What did Jim mean by, “it’s a date?” Jenna Fischer is such an amazing actor – her reaction to Jim’s invitation felt so genuine. He better not blow it this time.

Some of you are aware that I have been known to review and even post on The Office’s message board on the NBC website. (My user name is “My Middle Name is Kurt, Not Fart,” should you ever see one of my comments.) My fellow nerds are suspicious of Ryan the Temp actually getting the highly-coveted job at corporate. Some conspiracy theories have risen:

1. The phone conversation between DM CFO David Wallace was actually two conversations: one between Wallace and Karen offering her the job, the other between Karen and Ryan offering him the position of her assistant.

2. Wallace mentioned that it would be nice to have another MBA around. Has Ryan even graduated yet? Does Jim have an MBA, and could Wallace have really been talking to him? Does Karen have an MBA?

3. Jim actually got the job at corporate, and he is taking Pam out to dinner to end things with her and explain why he is making the move. (This is my least favorite of the theories.)

Poor Michael. In the past, he has been beyond clueless, and he is finally realizing what may be in store for him and his dysfunctional relationship with Karen. Though he got what he wanted in the, um, physical enhancement department, I really hope to see Jan in sweatpants next season waiting for Michael to get home at 5:15.

By the way, does Michael even still have a home? I thought he sold it on ebay for 80% of what he paid for it.


LT (and Max) said...

there are too many unanswered questions. how are we going to wait until NEXT season before we get some answers?

i love jim.

Anisa said...

my favorite was stanley telling dwight that the ratio of the scrute buck to the stanley nickel is the same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns. priceless.

The Kosko Family said...

i was grinning ear to ear when jim came back for pam....i want to believe they have a future!

i loved how michael compared himself to meryl streep. golden.

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